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Alabama Farmed Catfish

U.S. farm raised catfish is among the safest, healthiest and most sustainable fish available in the industry. When you see the U.S. Farmed seal or logo, such as the one we display you will know exactly what you are getting.


Fish Production

In other parts of the world, standards for fish production are nearly non-existent. Reports from the New York Times and the Chinese government indicate that the water in China is so contaminated with sewage, heavy metals and pesticides that tens of thousands of people are dying every year from polluted water.

Catfish Fish Farming

​Chinese fish farmers commonly use banned chemicals to keep from losing their fish to disease. These include carcinogens like crystal violet the malachite green which is illegally used during the processing has also been found in imported catfish.

Love Seafood? Then BEWARE

food from the sea

Are You A Seafood Lover?

If you are, as I am, you must beware of a few issues that seem to be causing a lot of problems. There are certain chemicals being used to promote freshness…they say.  However, you bottom line is there is another side to this practice that is deceptive and should be illegal to use.

The bottom line is using the chemical sodium tripolyphosphate, is will increase the weight of the product. I see this used is most seafood, such as scallops. I used to buy sea scallops packed in a cloth bag, iced down in a seafood box.

Then seafood processors started purging this bag a scallops, as well as most all seafood,  in a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate, supposedly to prevent dehydration (lose of weight), but it hydrated the product and had a dramatic weight gain. That my friend increase THEIR profit from the additional weight, and created real dangers for the consumer.

Labeling Problems for Seafood

In the U.S. it is not mandatory to provide labeling of this chemical, so consumer s are not aware the potentially toxic chemical is present on the seafood they are about to serve, whether at home or a favorite restaurant.

Why Should There Be A Label For This?

STPP, which is short for Sodium tripolyphosphate,, is used ti firm up the product and make it appear to be fresher. This is commonly used with products such as frozen fish fillet, fresh and frozen scallops, shrimp, and most all flaky fish, such as sole, hake, and also imitation crab meat.

This practice is a lot like the use of carbon monoxide on meats to help old meats appear fresher. Yuk!

All this means you are paying out of your pocket for the additional weight that this practice producing for their profit margin. Have you ever bought scallops in a container and it appeared milky, or cooked a fish fillet and saw some milkiness liquid coming out of the product?  or maybe you notice the scallop or product shrank quite a bit after a little cooking time. I’ll bet you have. Right?

Registered Pesticide – California

STPP in large amounts,  are a suspected neurotoxin. It is also a registered, and in California it is a known air contaminant. So, what’s next? You can not pay a bit of attention to this problem, or you can try to stay away from markets and restaurants who do not know if this chemical is present in their product, or will not tell you.

The seafood industry refers to this type of processing as “wet” pack. I have spoken to many in my market, and those who have listened know what I mean. It is not mandatory, as a previously mentioned, for companies and packers to label products with STPP as an ingredient, but you should at least check the labels ingredients to see if it is present.

Be Vocal About Your Seafood Concerns

Ask questions and find out where the fish and seafood you are about to purchase come, from when shopping at your favorite market or restaurant.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Maurice Smith


Hello Kangen Water

Kangen Water

Alkaline Water Benefits

The is a buzz going on about Kangen Water and it is time to say “Hello Kangen Water” and begin to take advantage of it’s amazing properties. After using this technology, specifically the SD-501- to cook with at Maurice’s Seafood, I have become totally sold on the benefits.

I’ve used this water to clean the kitchen, seafood case and used to clean, and cook vegetables. The uses for this water are many and saves a lot of money otherwise spent on chemicals (cleaning supplies – bleach, dish detergent, window cleaner, etc.).  For more information on the protocol of Kangen Water..KangenHealthGroup  as well as Kangen

We have known about the dangers of seafood imports/farmed raised shrimp, fish, and the list goes on; and we have also been aware of the chemicals in our laundry detergent and other household cleaning products. but how many people actually research to find a better alternative for those products and avoid the health issues that seem to  surface over time.

I have people come in the store and ask about the salmon and whether it’s farmed or not. It’s as though that piece of salmon, they may eat once, maybe twice a week is going to insure their health is in check and nothing else matters. THAT amazes me!

Water Instead of Detergents

Instead of laundry detergent, use Kangen Water 11.5 alkaline water to clean the oil-based pesticides off the vegetables as well as washing your laundry, cleaning the floor!

The Kangen Water 2.5 is an effective to sanitize and disinfectant counter tops and cutting boards.

Of course, the SD-501 produces produces the best drinking water that I’ve found, ranging from 8.5 to 9.5, which is high in antioxidants and micro-clustered to optimal adsorption.

Water Demo Demonstration

There is a really good site to see a demonstration of what this water can do. – It will demo the properties of the water. –  Kangen Demo

You might check out Dr. Michael’s explanation of how the water kangen_health_groupworks for the body…as well some other interesting videos. – Kangen Health Group – and 

You are now seeing “alkaline water” bottled, and displayed in many stores today…be careful assuming that’s the way to go. Know the difference between alkaline water and alkalized water…the difference is illustrated HERE!

I highly recommend using Kangen Water for your home or business. If you have any questions, please feel free to get intouch with me.

To you health,

Maurice Smith




Salmon Prices Are Ringing Higher In 2014

A Perfect Salmon Fish Storm Is Brewing

 salmonA perfect storm is brewing and has been in the market for both farmed and wild salmon, which is driving prices higher that we are a used to seeing.

Salmon production in Chili is down due to regulations from the government in an effort to avoid ISA ( Infectious Salmon Anaemea), a viral disease of the  Atlantic salmon that are farmed in Canada, Norway, Scotland and Chili resulting in a large market loss.

In addition, Chilean ports are shut down due to strikes at dozens of ports impacted the market, not only for salmon exporters, but also effecting the export of copper and fruit, which is expected to hit a loss in the neighborhood of $400 million.

Chilean Supply..Strained

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Seafood – Stay Away From These 12 Fish

Seafood – The Good, and The Bad Fish

good,fish,salmonThere is good and there is bad fish. After 38 years dealing in seafood, along with do-diligence, trying to find GOOD seafood has let me to this conclusion. I have found with a little poking around, that the depletion of wild fish, along with the fact that our oceans are so polluted from industry contaminants, it’s become  a real challenger to find “Good Fish” that are both safe and sustainable for consumption.

I have found that salmon from the Faroe Island to be about the best you can eat.

Here Are 12 Seafood You Should Stay Away From

Imported Catfish: Bad Choice and WhyContinue reading Seafood – Stay Away From These 12 Fish

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