Crab Legs, Scallops & Crab Meat

Snow Crab Legs, “Dry Pack” Scallops & Crab Meat

  Maurice’s sells a 10 & up snow crab, dry pack scallops and crab meat, both pasteurized and fresh crab can be delivered twice a week.

Most markets, especially your supermarkets, carry what is an 8 and down crab leg. They mostly carry this as a way to offer cheaper prices as opposed to the heavier 10 and up clusters of snow crab.

Where’s The Meat?

They may be a lesser price, however “where’s the meat” becomes the talk at the table! So, I guess you have figured out that we only sell 10 & up snow crab legs…YES! Well, you are right! Now that you know the difference, you will be a wiser shopper of crab legs. You are welcome.

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Buy ONLY “DRY Pack” Scallops

I have had some interesting conversations with customers who LOVE them but have had a problem preparing them. They dry_packcomplain that they buy nothing but the best when they are shopping at their favorite supermarket, but can’t seem to brown them and they end up with a lot of creamy water in the pan.

What they do not understand is that their “quality” scallops that they purchased from the supermarket had been processed and purged into a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate as a preservative. They will not brown and do not taste the same and the “natural” scallop that lacks the chemicals.

We used to buy scallops in a 30 lb cloth sack. They started soaking those sack in the solution sodium tripolyphosphate and once that sack was treated, the weight jumped to 40-42 lbs. and they were able to sell the scallops at a cheaper price.

Now we buy them in an 8 lb tub, and they ARE “Dry Pack”, as I will not sell the “wet pack”. We have choices, don’t we?

Virginia Crab Meat

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

I love crab cakes and all the yummy stuff you do with crab. We have a truck from Hampton, Va. come every Tuesday and Friday morning, and they call me the morning before to place a next day delivery.

That’s really good because I can get fresh crab meat every week. If that is your preference, just give me a jingle-jangle and I can get you fresh crab meat when you want it. Remember the delivery is Tuesday morning and Friday morning…so give me a heads-up when you may want it “FRESH“.

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Fora full description of the different grades of crab meat, take a look at Sam Rust Seafood’s PDF description!

I hope this helps you…Love to hear from you.

Give us a shout when you are ready for some really good/fresh scallops, and other shellfish.

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