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Fresh seafood is delivered from Hampton, Virginia every Tuesday and Friday morning. We also get fresh seafood from our suppliers in Maryland and Callao, Va on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Our supplier calls the morning before for next day delivery, so give me a buzz when looking for something special!

  • Clams, Mussels, Oysters
  • Crab, Lobster, Dry Pack Scallops
  • Fresh Fish
  • Frozen Fish
  • Fresh Shrimp, raw shell on, (Peeled and deveined), (cooked, peeled & deveined), Prepared
  • Frozen Seafood

Seafood Processing Counts

We are finding that more people today have become aware of the problems of “farmed seafood” especially coming from out of the U.S.


FDA inspects or samples less than 1 percent of all regulated products seeking entry into the United States. Why doesn’t the agency do more?

Having said that, it’s up to you to know and understand the importance of knowing the market you shop with. Having worked in management for one of the largest “Big Box Stores”, a lot of the products sold are based on price.  Whatever corporate wants the manager to sell products based on competition and price control.

Seafood Prices Vary Between Independent Store and Big Box Store

A good example of that is when you see catfish retailing at a
$3 per lb price difference. That’s usually because many of the lower priced fish is imported from out of the country.

Shrimp (easy peel, peeled & deveined frozen) , catfish and tilapia are good examples. Some retailer packaging may say “distributing by (us company)”, but read further to find ” product of China”..for example.

NOTE: *The difference between “wet pack” and “dry pack” scallops – We pack scallops have been purged in a solution of preservatives to prevent de-hydration and prolong shelve life.

The problem is the chemicals (sodium tripolyphosphate), or STPP for short, used make the seafood appear fresher, but it also makes the product hydrate (gain weight).  When you saute the scallops in a pan and end up with a lot of liquid….it’s not water…and it won’t kill you today…but you should consider paying a little more and buy “dry pack” scallops to avoid the chemicals.

Frozen fish and seafood products, also have this as a preservative. read the labeling to avoid the issue.

For more information, visit Food and Water Watch

NOTE: *Faroe Island Salmon – We prefer Salmon from the Faroe Islands due to the fact, no antibiotics, hormones and veterinarian drugs are used. They are all-natural and a part of an aquaculture program to insure that this is the best. Remember…I’m picky!

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