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Fresh Fish This Week – How About Salmon

Fresh Fish Delivery Twice Weekly: – Our Scottish Salmon comes from the Faroe Islands, and in my opinion and many of my customers…is the best! What we topically have weekly are; of course.. Scottish Salmon, Catfish fillet, Tilapia Fillet, and boneless Rainbow Trout.



US Farmed Fish

Catfish, rainbow trout, and  tilapia are the most popular fish being purchased at Maurice’s next to the Scottish Salmon. All are delivered twice weekly .

Is Farmed Salmon Safe?

Farmed salmon that is conducted correctly is not only safe but very good. Over the years we have studied and learned what is safe and good and what is not. Scottish salmon from the Faroe Islands is about the best that I have had in my 41 years of handling fresh salmon.

Just because the fish has been “tagged or branded WILD” does not mean it is you best choice. Most of the waters on the world had serious problems with contamination and other issues.

A study from the Institute of Medicine and a second study from the Harvard School of Public Health have similar conclusions. They both conclude that consuming one to two servings of fish a week could reduce the risk of heart attack by a third.

The Institute of Medicine has a little softer approach of the heart benefits associated with eating fish by saying there “may be” some reduction in the risk of heart attacks.

They are also not sure if the reduction is the risk of heat attacks are because fish lovers are not eating fatty meats like burgers and steak!

sterlingsilverWhat’s your preference? Beef or fish? I don’t know about your situation, but for this old fella, fish and seafood works better than beef…however a steak once in a while sure taste good; especially if it is Sterling Silver® brand beef rib eye steak.


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