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Maurice’s Seafood – Staunton, Virginia

Welcome to Maurice’s Seafood – our website and blog. We have served the Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro and Augusta County of Virginia for over 38 years.

From healthy seafood, to safe healthy products for the home, we try to offer information, suggestions and ideas we have found to be great choices over the years, and help you make the right choices of where to shop to find safe products that have value.

Hello..Maurice here…

…You will find out a lot here about what we are about and specifically what we handle in seafood and why, along with some favorite recipes and health tips I have discovered over the 38+ years of being in business.

A fella once told me that “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

He wasn’t trying to be witty, he was just suggesting to be open minded enough to change some preconceived ideas I had and be open to new techniques and information.

It is my hope that you too, will do the same…

Fresh Fish:

At Maurice’s Seafood you will find fresh Salmon from the Faroe Islands, Scottish Salmon, U.S. farmed Tilapia, Catfish, Rainbow Trout and “Dry” pack Sea Scallops, and Gulf Shrimp all the time. In addition, fresh oysters (when in season), shell oysters from the James River.

Frozen Fish:

Lobster tails, large snow crab legs (10 &up), Tuna Steaks, Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Cod Loins, Mussels, Gulf Shrimp (5 lb. box), Gulf Shrimp (P&D -peeled/deveined, 5 lb bag), etc.


We have a selection of Sterling Silver Beef steak/ground beef and Pork. Sterling Silver Meats have NO antibiotics, hormones and other preservatives and remind me of the flavor of the beef and pork I use to sell before the meat went to “box” in stead of carcass. Again…I’m just picky about what I eat and sell!

Tips for Eating Healthy with Sterling Silver® Premium Beef


Sterling Silver® Premium Pork is raised in the heart of pork country on Midwest farms. Sterling Silver® Premium Pork cuts are color-graded and hand selected to ensure you the quality and flavor you are looking for.

Pork Recipes: Company’s Coming Pork Roast

Country Ham:

Sugar-cured country ham has been a specialty of the market dated back to the days of handling fresh hanging beef and other meats and cheeses. What we refer to as “the good ole days”!

Holiday Planner:

I started prepared Holiday Dinners years ago and still do that. Check out the Holiday Planner…

…so,here’s the scoop:

Over the years, I have been exposed to a lot of nutrition based ideas, I suppose because of the fact that I invest time in finding out where and how the seafood is processed. Less than 2% of the imported seafood is inspected, which leaves the consumer vulnerable to all sort of things that are not good for the human body.

Remember – You don;t know what you don’t know! That’s because there are things that ‘they’ just don’t tell us! Research and do you Du-diligence. Just because it’s sold in the super market does not mean it’s 100% safe for long term consumption.

Healthy Products

Here are some companies that do not have a retail outlet, but manufacture some of the best products for the home and for you health.

  • EnagicKangen Water
  • Melaleuca – Safe products for the home and personal use
  • Xocai – Healthy Belgium Chocolate – Science Based
  • Sisel International – Healthy products for the home and personal use

Welcome to Maurice’s Seafood of Staunton, Va.

If you are looking for some specialty seafood, safe products for the home, Healthy Chocolate, and live in the Staunton area, stop by Maurice’s Seafood and let us know what you are looking for.

Remember, we not only are superior seafood, but we also insist on Sterling Silver® Premium Meats as well…come on down and get some …then experience the flavor!

Maurice Smith, Jr.



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