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Salmon Prices Are Ringing Higher In 2014

A Perfect Salmon Fish Storm Is Brewing

 salmonA perfect storm is brewing and has been in the market for both farmed and wild salmon, which is driving prices higher that we are a used to seeing.

Salmon production in Chili is down due to regulations from the government in an effort to avoid ISA ( Infectious Salmon Anaemea), a viral disease of the  Atlantic salmon that are farmed in Canada, Norway, Scotland and Chili resulting in a large market loss.

In addition, Chilean ports are shut down due to strikes at dozens of ports impacted the market, not only for salmon exporters, but also effecting the export of copper and fruit, which is expected to hit a loss in the neighborhood of $400 million.

Chilean Supply..Strained

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Seafood – Stay Away From These 12 Fish

Seafood – The Good, and The Bad Fish

good,fish,salmonThere is good and there is bad fish. After 38 years dealing in seafood, along with do-diligence, trying to find GOOD seafood has let me to this conclusion. I have found with a little poking around, that the depletion of wild fish, along with the fact that our oceans are so polluted from industry contaminants, it’s become  a real challenger to find “Good Fish” that are both safe and sustainable for consumption.

I have found that salmon from the Faroe Island to be about the best you can eat.

Here Are 12 Seafood You Should Stay Away From

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