Gulf Shrimp


Note: We buy domestic shrimp from the United States. Due to the antibiotics used in the farming of shrimp, it is not good practice to consume farmed shrimp. The antibiotics they use, are banned in the United States because of known health issues. The herbicides and pesticides are not particularly good for consumption either!

 Gulf Shrimp – Raw Shell-On & P&D

Gulf Shrimp Prepared

Gulf shrimp, Texas premier shrimp

We also carry a P&D Gulf Shrimp. Peeled and Deveined really makes it convenient to have on hand. They are IQF (individually quick frozen) and can be ready to prepare in a matter of minutes. They are sold by the pound, and inconvenient two-pound and five-pound bags – prices listed above.

Gulf  – There is NO other!

As far as I am concerned, there is no other shrimp that will hold a light in quality and freshness than shrimp from the Gulf. Yes, I know…I heard the “yeah but”… and I understand. However, having been approached, more times than I have time to mention, from dealers/suppliers to switch.

I have had them bring their product to me and compare it against what we have…and they have on some occasions that our Gulf Shrimp is better! I have even had farmed shrimp from the Carolina, and while they were good…they were NOT better than what we already have.

  • Raw, 5 lb Box, 5 lb. Box Peeled and Deveined
  • Steamed and Spiced



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