Shrimp Prepared


Gulf Shrimp Ready to Eat!

We prepare our gulf shrimp so you don’t have to. You already know that we don’t fool around with “easy-peel” farmed raided shrimp shipped into the US from where ever…right! Below is a price list of what we offer, and we can customize your order to fit your needs…just give us a jiggle!




Cooked, Peeled and Deveined Shrimp

This a treat and sooo convenient to be able to walk in and pick up an CPDorder of Gulf Shrimp that is ready to eat. while you are at it, try our home made cocktail sauce, YUM!

We always have some CPD (cooked, peeled & deveined) shrimp on hand, and if we are out, it can be ready in just a few minutes. Our medium are (31/35 count) and are the most popular, but also have a large 21/25 count as well.

Shrimp Trays – CPD-Steamed & Spiced

Of course we do! Yep, we can put the CPD (cooked-peeled & deveined) shrimp of a platter with CPD shrimp trayour home made cocktail sauce and there ya go…already to serve the crowd. Where you need CPD or steamed and spiced (peel your own) on a tray or ready to put on your own tray, we can do it.Steamed gulf shrimp

Steamed and spiced shrimp are always a hit and can be ready in minutes…just give us a jiggle! There are NOT easy-peel…REMEMBER…easy-peel shrimp you normally see at the super market are farmed shrimp, and REMEMBER we DO NOT sell farmed shrimp…PERIOD!

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