Checklist For Discounts


If your product score is 35 points or more, you may qualify for our exclusive membership discounts and other benefits – directly from the manufacturer!! to find out if YOU qualify for discounts… visit>>

Our products are all made in the USA, Eco-friendly, made fresh monthly and delivered directly from the manufacturer to your door.

Product Score Checklist for Discounts

membership discounts
Product Score Checklist

Membership discounts on everything from nutritional products, healthy products, personal care, makeup, coffee, house hold products for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, garage, and pharmaceuticals.

Other discounts on services: long distance phone service, credit cards and internet service providers. Essential Oils are another one of our special product lines!

Membership Discounts and Benefits

The membership works much like other membership shopping places, like COSTCO for example, with a couple of important exceptions.

  1. Membership is ONLY $19 annually
  2. You don’t have to buy in bulk – get only what you need monthly
  3. Over 500 products to select from – these are product categories you are already shopping for – NO NEW MONEY


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